08/16/2011 01:37 pm ET Updated Oct 16, 2011

Conde Nast Twitter Account Silenced The Elevator

The now-famous @CondeElevator Twitter feed, which documented juicy snippets of conversation from the magazine publisher's elevators, got everyone in the fashion industry and beyond talking.

But apparently, it made everyone actually riding the Conde Nast elevators shut right up.

In today's "Assistant Files" on the Daily Front Row, Teen Vogue assistant Lisa Goldstein said the effect of the anonymously tweeting insider was immediate:

Everyone was silent in the elevators! It got very quiet. In the mornings, it’s always pretty quiet; everyone has their sunglasses on or their iPods in and doesn’t want to talk yet. But going down for lunch tends to be a chatty time in the elevators. When the story broke, everyone couldn’t stop reading it, and trying to figure out who and where it was coming from. But people didn’t want to say a thing with the Twitter account around— you can see where people work based on what floor they get off at, and it’s easy to make assumptions.

Not easy enough, apparently. Even now, since @CondeElevator has been abandoned, the nameless Conde Nast employee behind the clever Twitter account remains a mystery. The only thing s/he has left behind? A quieter elevator.

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