08/16/2011 03:17 pm ET Updated Oct 16, 2011

Networking For Jobs As A Woman

Who said the Old Boys Club is no longer? Those suffering through the worst of the recession have grown accustomed to filling out hundreds of job applications only to hear no response. Indeed, the official national unemployment total of 9.1 percent must be appreciated in the context of the complementary figure of 16.1 percent. That tally includes the underemployed who are either occupying insufficient part-time positions or have simply given up on the search.

Not surprisingly, when positions do open up, companies often only go through the motions of posting the opening, when in fact they fill the job through networking. But what is surprising is the extent to which it is men are benefiting from such connections. A recently released study from NC State University found that men were 12 percent were likely to benefit from "informal recruitment." The study, overseen by NC State sociology professor Dr. Steve McDonald, surveyed responses from 12,000 workers who provided feedback based on their own specialized work experience.

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