08/17/2011 01:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chris Evans In 'Puncture': First Trailer Revealed For Legal Drama (VIDEO)

While his idealistic "Captain America" took some secret enhancing serum and has made a gigantic, 3D splash the world round, Chris Evans' latest heroic character is a whole lot darker -- and doesn't take drugs that are quite as good for him.

Evans, one of the summer's biggest breakout stars, jumps from blockbuster to indie in the upcoming legal drama, "Puncture," in which he plays Mike Weiss, a frenetic, addict lawyer who takes on the case of a nurse who is pricked by a contaminated needle -- and finds a government conspiracy inside the legal syringe. It's a true story, and one that is particularly important to him.

The character, too, was a particularly interesting one for Evans.

"Everyone had the same things to say about him," he told MTV. "They said he was so brilliant, so like a genuine genius. One of those guys, it was too much; he was beyond this place. He was so amazing at what he did and as a result the byproduct of that type of genius usually comes in the form of sometimes being a little thoughtless towards people, a little arrogant, a little detached and as a result got really heavily into drugs that obviously didn't end well. But it was such a great layered character; there was so much meat on the bone."