08/18/2011 05:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Foursquare Now Offers Events Check-Ins

AP/THE HUFFINGTON POST (NEW YORK) -- Foursquare, the smartphone app that lets users check in at restaurants, bars and other places, is now letting users do the same with events.

The company said in a blog post Thursday that it is adding major events into its database. That means users visiting a sports stadium or music venue can check in while attending a soccer game or concert there and let their friends who also are on Foursquare know they're there.

Foursquare said it is working with ESPN, and concert tracking site Songkick to add event details to venues. Now, if you check in to a movie theatre, for example, you will see a list of movies playing. This way you can check in to "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" or "The Smurfs" instead of just the theater.

The events add-on builds on what Foursquare users were doing already. Without the ability to check in to events, people were creating their own, or they were checking in to venues and typing the band or movie they were seeing into a comment box.

Foursquare is planning to add "hundreds of thousands" of events at more than 50,000 venues in the next few months, the New York-based company said in the blog post.

For now, users can't create their own events inside venues, but Foursquare said the company is thinking about it.

Check out screenshots of the app (below), and visit the Foursquare Blog for more about this new feature.