08/19/2011 03:44 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2011

Graham Taylor Slide: Minor League Pitcher Has The Worst Baseball Slide In History (VIDEO)

Yesterday Logan Morrison, the recently demoted Florida Marlins outfielder, tweeted a video that may, and Deadspin says, very well be the worst slide in baseball history.

During a game that occurred in July between the Jacksonville Suns and the Carolina Mudcats, Suns pitcher Graham Taylor delivered a textbook example of how to never slide.

In what appears to be an elongated fall more so than a run, Taylor rounded third base for the Suns in the top of the third inning and motored home in an attempt to beat a throw from centerfield. Once he reached the plate, rather than just touching the base (which he could have), Taylor apparently decided to try to slide at the last possible second.

One small issue however: It's apparent that Taylor clearly has never slid in his life.

The gigantic pitcher dove straight at the plate and scoring the run and then immediately staying down due to injury. The official score claims Taylor left the game with an injured leg, but the more likely culprit appears to be an injured ego.

While the play will surely cause him some embarrassment, we're willing to bet that Taylor would win any bellyflop contest this side of Jacksonville with that perfect form and also, unlike Willy Mays Hayes, at least Taylor scored on his embarrassing slide.