08/19/2011 09:07 am ET Updated 5 days ago

President Vacation: Obama, George H.W. Bush, Reagan And Clinton On Vacation (VIDEOS)

Obama seemingly settled into his Martha's Vineyard vacation nicely, cradling a baby as he landed on the island on Thursday.

He happily took the baby, dressed in head-to-toe Red Sox gear, into his arms, then quipped to the eager crowd, "You know, I don't usually hang out with Red Sox fans." (Watch the clip below.)

It isn't the first time Obama has snuggled a baby. He soothed a crying child on the White House lawn back in June, much to Michelle's surprise and delight.

What have other presidents looked like on vacation? There's Reagan signing the Economy Recovery Tax Act in cowboy boots from his ranch in Santa Barbara, George H.W. Bush playing golf and the Clintons, barely post-Lewinsky scandal, sailing in Martha's Vineyard. Check out the clips below. And if video isn't for you, maybe their most embarrassing vacation photos is more your style?