08/19/2011 11:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Triple Double Oreos Get Athletic Spokespeople: Shaq, Venus Williams, Eli Manning And Apolo Ohno

The new Triple Double Oreos have gotten heat for their high calorie counts since being introduced last month, one of two new Oreo introductions. But a new ad campaign for the cookies, which features four world-renowned athletes, is trying to counteract that reputation by turning Triple Double Oreos into a sport.

The athletes -- Shaquillle O'Neal, Venus Williams, Eli Manning And Apolo Ohno -- comprise Team DSRL, for Double Stuf Racing League. They will be star in TV and print ads depicting a speed Oreo eating competition, in which entrants race to lick, dunk and eat Triple Double Oreos the fastest. It sounds almost like a fraternity's drinking game, only with less Natty Light and more chocolate creme filling.

Triple Double Oreos are not the first unhealthy food products some of these athletes have endorsed, though they are the first the four have endorsed together. Venus Williams once did a commercial with her twin sister Serena advertising McDonald's Black History month activities. And Shaq was repping Pepsi as early as 1994. HuffPost Food ran a slideshow of several such athlete food commercials together a few weeks ago.

Here's a behind-the-scenes video from the making of the campaign.

And here, in case you haven't seen them in stores, are the Triple Double Oreos: