08/20/2011 03:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Colbert 'Shocked' By Anderson Cooper, Has More Poop Puns For Him (VIDEO)

In a week full of confusing election politics and distressing stock market news, perhaps the best story was French actor Gerard Depardieu reportedly urinating on a commercial plane when a flight attendant refused to allow him to use the lavatory.

Nobody seemed to enjoy this story more than Anderson Cooper, who, upon cracking wise that it was lucky that the actor didn't excrete "Depard-two," collapsed into a fit of giggles for about a minute.

And nobody was more outraged by Anderson's on-air loss of control than Stephen Colbert. Colbert and Cooper have had a notorious rivalry, frequently using their respective shows to criticize the other's serious newsman integrity.

But if poop puns are what Cooper wants, poop puns are going to be what Colbert gives him. Watch as Colbert pivots his outrage of Cooper into a laundry list of some celebrity poop puns -- including a special one for Anderson himself. (Okay, you can probably guess that one.)