08/22/2011 06:06 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker: James Wilkie Wants To Act

It looks like 8-year-old James Wilkie Broderick has caught the acting bug from his famous parents, but mom Sarah Jessica Parker wants to make sure he enjoys his childhood first--and gets a proper education.

“I don’t want him to do it until after he goes to college,” the "I Don’t Know How She Does It" star tells Parade magazine.

“But part of me thinks maybe it’s better if he knows the truth now about how hard it is to be a working actor. I don’t know if he grasps what it took to get us here.”

And if there's any celebrity couple that knows what a struggle it is to balance work, marriage and children, it's Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, who have been together for nearly 20 years. Between promoting her new film "I Don't Know How She Does It," possibly starring in a third "Sex and the City" film, and raising three kids, Parker has got her hands full--and sometimes that can take a toll on her family.

“We’ve had two occasions recently where both Matthew and I were working and it was so hard on the kids, especially James Wilkie, because he can really articulate how he feels about our absence,” she told the magazine. "On the other hand, there are big chunks of time when we’re home a lot more than conventionally working parents. So you hope to make up for it.”

As for fraternal twins Loretta and Tabitha? They seem to keep their busy mom on her toes.

“They’re talking, they’re running, they need me. Loretta is deeply inquisitive: ‘Do you see that, do you hear that, Mama?’ She constantly checks that we are connecting with her," said Parker. Meanwhile, her twin sister is the family princess. "Tabitha does not give; she receives.”

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