08/22/2011 04:34 pm ET Updated 4 days ago

Twitter Unveils User Galleries: Inside The 'Photo Album' Feature (PICTURES)

Twitter has unveiled a new feature, "user galleries," that puts your photos front and center.

The last 100 pictures you've included in your tweets will be compiled into a single page--your "user gallery"--that is highlighted on your profile just below your follower count (See the screenshot below). The feature offers a kind of personal photo album and makes Twitter just a hair more like Facebook, which has long allowed its users to create albums and redesigned its profile pages to display a user's most recently tagged photos just below her personal information.

Twitter has introduced a slew of updates that aim to better showcase media, particularly photos and videos, on its site. For example, earlier this month, Twitter started rolling out its image-sharing service, which allows users to upload photos from, then include them in their tweets as links.

Twitter offered some tips on using its new "galleries" feature in its Help Center.

First, users should know that manually retweeting a tweet that has a link to a photo in it will add that image to their gallery, while retweeting a post using Twitter's retweet button will not.

Second, to remove an image from the gallery, a user must delete the entire tweet.

Twitter explains:

Delete the Tweet that contains the image; it should be removed from your timeline and your user gallery.

Note: If your image is being hosted on a third party service such as yFrog or TwitPic and you delete the Tweet the image will be removed from your user gallery but will still be available on those services so you'll need to delete the image from there if you'd like to remove it from the internet entirely.

Don't see your gallery yet? You're not alone: We're still waiting for access to the new feature, and Twitter noted in a tweet that it would begin "rolling out" the tool today.

Check out screenshots of the user galleries below (via