08/23/2011 05:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Richmond, Va. Earthquake 2011: Footage Before And After The Quake (VIDEOS)

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook Virginia on Tuesday afternoon and folks quickly uploaded footage of their experience, and the quake's immediate aftermath, to YouTube.

The epicenter, which was located in Mineral, Va., fell between Richmond and Charlottesville, south of the nation's capital. According to the USGS, the quake occurred at a depth of 3.7 miles.

Richmond's close proximity to the epicenter allowed many to feel the quake strongly, though at this point there doesn't seem to have significant damage.

WATCH some of the quake videos below:


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story reported the epicenter as being in "Mineral County, Va." There is no "Mineral County" in Virginia, and the story has been corrected.