08/24/2011 03:15 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2011

Drink Lemonade 5 Ways In San Francisco

They say if life gives you lemons, it's time to make lemonade. If that's the case, then if life hands you lemonade, it's time to drink up and be happy. There’s nothing better the morning after a 3am 'Loin bender than a glass of tangy, tart and perfectly sweetened lemonade. These five SF spots have taken their love of lemonade to a new level of refreshing-ness.

Ginger Lemonade at Universal Café: Universal Café in the Mission is a spacious, relaxing and always scrumptious spot to spend a leisurely Sunday morning. Their homemade ginger lemonade is crisp, tangy, not overly sweet and complete with a sugar-rimmed glass. While this refresher works well with everything on their menu, try it with the grass-fed prime rib au jus sandwich for a true taste of indulgence.
Universal Café, 2814 19th Street at Bryant, (415-821-4608 or

House-Made Kaffir Limeade at Bun Mee: Bun Mee in Pac Heights is the city's newest and hippest destination for the oh-so delicious (and affordable) Vietnamese sandos. Not only do they make some of the most innovative and tasty bánh mìs around, they also serve up a mean glass of virgin lemonade. Their housemade concoction is infused with kaffir limes. They also serve another sweet (but not too sweet) refreshing glass of lychee strawberry lemonade as well. Both pair perfectly with a crispy catfish bun mee.
Bun Mee, 2015 Fillmore Street at Pine (415-800-7696

Shandy at Starbelly: The only thing better than a simple glass of lemonade is lemonade spiked with beer enjoyed on a patio. For one of the most refreshing shandys and friendly patios in the city, head to Starbelly in the Castro. Their shandy is a perfect blend of homemade lemonade and crisp beer. Enjoy if ice cold with a cornmeal crusted fish tacos for a true culinary escape.
Starbelly, 3583 16th Street at Market (415-252-7500 or

Burmese Lemonade at Mandalay: Nothing compliments a hot bowl of spicy pumpkin curry better than a glass of ice-cold Burmese lemonade. Mandalay in the Inner Richmond is one the first (and arguably most authentic) Burmese restaurant in the city. Their homemade Burmese lemonade is spiked with ginger, mint, and cilantro. Guzzle a glass as you nosh on their signature Kaw Soi Dok noodles and you'll never be the same.
Mandalay, 4348 California Street at 6th (415-386-3896 or

Jasmine Tea Lemonade at Samovar: If you're looking for a quiet escape from the urban jungle look no further than Samovar Tea Lounge. Samovar is an Asian-inspired tea lounge with three SF locations in Yerba Buena, Hayes Valley and the Castro. Their Jasmine tea lemonade is floral, lightly sweetened and utterly refreshing. It's best sipped while biting into a grilled portabella and gruyere sandwich.
Samovar Zen Valley, 297 Page Street at Laguna Street (415-861-0303 or