08/24/2011 05:27 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2011

'Weekend' Trailer Released; Newcomers Tom Cullen And Chris New Star In Romance

From "Titanic" to "Pretty Woman" to "Before Sunrise," people love whirlwind romances. Now there are two fresh-faced newcomers to reinvent the mold.

Tom Cullen and Chris New play star-crossed lovers in "Weekend." After meeting in a club, these two gents spend an evening together and find themselves with a bond a bit harder to shake. From the trailer, which is full of wry dialogue and stubbled-faces, the film looks equally adorable and heartbreaking.

As the darling of the SXSW/Outfest, Andrew Haigh's romance is a refreshing twist on the classic one-night stand.

"Weekend" debuts September 23 in New York.