08/25/2011 11:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Matthew Price Describes Life Inside The Rixos Hotel (VIDEO)

The BBC's Matthew Price delivered an extraordinary report describing what life was like as he and 35 other journalists were trapped inside Libya's Rixos Hotel for five days.

Price and his colleagues (all employed by a wide variety of media outlets) were finally freed on Wednesday. Before, Price had described the "desperate situation" that he and the other reporters found themselves in, as pro-Gaddafi guards held them "hostage," in the words of CNN reporter Matthew Chance. Price's report from late Wednesday showed journalists sleeping in their body armor, hoarding food that they found in the hotel's rapidly diminishing supplies, and fearing that they would be used as human shields.

The BBC's cameras also showed a Jordanian CNN producer negotiating with one of the guards keeping the journalists in the hotel, as she attempted to secure their release. Price said it was the guards' insistence that Muammar Gaddafi still had a grip on Libya that caused them to keep the journalists locked away.