08/25/2011 10:45 am ET Updated Oct 25, 2011

Outback Steakhouse To Give Away 1 Million Steak Dinners

Outback Steakhouse has launched a hefty promotion: 1,000,000 free steaks.

Interested carnivores can log onto and enter their zip code for a six ounce Outback special sirloin and side.

The website claims the promotion is to "celebrate the oak flavor of our new Wood-Fire Grill." This is a pretty bold freebie proposal -- we can only guess that Outback Steakhouse is hoping that those eating the free steak will buy additional food as well. A typical 9 ounce Outback special sirloin costs about $14... so let's roughly estimate that a 6 ounce, if it was on the normal menu, would cost $11. Well, that's about $11 million worth of free steak.

Interested parties have until August 26, or until vouchers run out, to claim their meat.

UPDATE: According to the rules of the promotion, if no steaks are available at a location within 25 miles of your zip code, you may be offered a coupon for $5 off two entrées. There are 777 restaurants participating. To learn more about why you may or may not qualify for a free steak, please see the rules of The Great Aussie Steakout.