08/25/2011 05:52 pm ET Updated Oct 25, 2011

Video Music Awards' Executive Producer Talks Lady Gaga And No Host; VMA Preview

The VMA's always get people talking and this year is no exception.

Except that it is. This year the award show is boldly choosing what few shows have chosen before: no host.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with executive producer, Jesse Ignjatovic, to explain why they made the choice that they made and to give us a head's up on what else we can expect.

THR: So no host, huh?
Ignjatovic: We talked to different people and ultimately, it just didn't feel like we needed one this year. Other years, like in 2007, we've gone host-less and it worked. If it's not the right person then [we feel it’s] better to go without. It means better presenter moments potentially, but I don't think it necessarily changes the landscape of the show.

THR: The VMA build-up has been largely focused on Lady Gaga, who’s opening the show. What does she mean to MTV?
Ignjatovic: She's a gem. She's that muse. She's sort of the artist that's really pushing boundaries that mean so much to our audience. And she is the artist that everyone is looking to. Like, what is she going to do next to outdo herself and take it to another place? I think she's inspired other artists to push themselves. I know she’s inspired me and the VMA team.

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