08/30/2011 10:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

G-Male: Comediva Unveils Google's Latest Creation (VIDEO)

For modern ladies, it's already hard enough to get away from our inboxes and social networks long enough to have a life (in real life) -- and then you've got to worry about finding/maintaining a relationship. There's online dating, but we all know how hit or miss that can be.

If Google could only build boyfriends half as well as they build online tools, we'd have no problem at all finding a mate. Or so we would have thought.

Ladycentric comedy site Comediva presents this look at what could be Google's most popular product: G-Male, the Google boyfriend.

Using the same algorithms as the mail service, search engine and maps we already love, G-Male gets to know you like no one ever has before.

Really, like no one ever has before.


Via Gotcha Media