09/02/2011 09:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lil' Romeo Proposes To Demi Lovato (VIDEO)

There's nothing more romantic than making your intentions of marriage known through a paparazzo with a video camera -- hey, they don't call him Lil' Romeo for nothing. The former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, Romeo Miller, recently told Rumor Fix cameras that he was ready to put a ring on Demi Lovato's finger.

"Demi Lovato, if you see this, this is me proposing to you right now," he told the camera man. "I don't got the ring, but that's nothing. You know, I listen to Beyoncé's song, when she said 'put a ring on it,' so I got you!"

Romeo explained that he first met Lovato several years ago, "before she was who she was," and took quite a shining to her smile -- and gave her his number. Plus Romeo had quite a few reasons why Lovato might like him too.

"Once you go black, you don't go back," he explained before getting down on one knee. "We got a few toys at the house, we'll have the best wedding. I'll keep her out of trouble ... She needs a strong, solid man."

Romeo's on-camera confession wasn't just the suave 22-year-old blowing smoke. He also took to Twitter to profess his affection for the singer and actress: "@ddlovato You're kind of amaZing ;)"

Check out Lil' Romeo's proposal below: