09/04/2011 11:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Justice, 'Audio, Video, Disco': Song Gets A Video (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Justice has released a video for "Audio, Video, Disco." Scroll down to watch.

Justice's title track for Audio, Video, Disco made it's way onto the internet on Saturday, in advance of the album's release on Oct. 25.

The track is more toned down than "Civilization," which they dropped earlier this year in an Adidas commercial (also featuring Katy Perry), but it still retains a more rock-friendly sound than we're used to from the electro duo. Justice's Xavier de Rosnay told Pitchfork:

Although the record sounds a bit band-y, it's mainly electronic, we wanted to keep an electronic aesthetic because we like the way it sounds and it's more practical for us. We are not good enough instrumentalists, and the fact that we don't perform all of this live keeps it on the good side. We played everything on the album ourselves, but it took a long time to make it because we are not good players. And if it was played by real musicians, some of the songs would probably be a bit too 'shred'.

Can "Audio, Video, Disco" compete with 2007's well-received "Cross"? So far, we're not blown away by the new, band-ier Justice, but the jury's still out.

WATCH the video:

Justice - AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO. by justice