09/07/2011 10:07 am ET Updated Nov 07, 2011

Cook County Property Owners May Now Head Online To Appeal Assessments

Chicago homeowners looking to challenge their property's assessed value can now save a trip downtown by filing their appeals online, via a new system unveiled Tuesday.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that homeowners will still have to provide evidence that their property has been overassessed, proving that some sort of error was at play. Supporting evidence to that effect will need to be mailed within five business days of the complaint being filed online -- at

While the new filing system is open to all homeowners and most property owners, those challenging a commercial property assessment will still have to file their supporting paperwork in person -- at least for now, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Still, convenience is clearly key with the new online system. And the ultimate goal is for everything to go paperless.

"People can file in their pajamas if they want to," Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios' spokeswoman Kelley Quinn told the Sun-Times. Berrios is said to have spearheaded the new, online system.

The system -- long talked about, though delayed by concerns about implementation cost -- was completed by existing county staff in-house, which reportedly cut the cost of a half-million dollar estimated price tag, according to the Tribune.

The number of appeals the Board of Review is asked to consider is expected to increase due to its move online, the Chicago News Cooperative reports. The board reviewed more than 380,000 assessment appeals in 2010.

Photo by Adam Jones, Ph.D. via Flickr.