09/08/2011 03:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Gosselin To Kate: 'Reality TV Is Not A Career'

After TLC axed Kate Gosselin's fame-making reality show, the single mother was more than candid about how her impending unemployment would weigh on her family.

"I'm freaking out. Big time," Kate Gosselin told People magazine, explaining that she is unsure of how she will continue to provide for her super-sized brood.

But Kate's ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, has a few words of advice -- starting with finally ditching her reality show career for good.

"To rely on reality television, that's a misnomer," Jon told RumorFix. "Reality television is not a career. Get back to normal life, simple life. Provide for your family and go from there."

But his ex-wife isn't the only one with the burden of putting food on the table.

“I go to work every day and provide for my family,” he said. “I spend time with my kids – spend time on the weekends."

But it doesn't look like Kate has any plans to give up on the entertainment business that made her a household name -- she's made it clear that she's interested in occupying the producer's chair.

“I know when things translate into TV. I’m good at it 'cause I live this life,” she told HuffPost Celeb. “I have had people come to me and say ‘I have this great idea for a reality TV show.’ I actually, in my mind, can play it out and see it happening ... for me it's like writing a living book and I really love to write.”

Whether it's at her kids or a studio of actors, we don't doubt that Kate will be screaming "action" somewhere.

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