09/12/2011 12:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Denise Richards Called C-Word At Charlie Sheen Roast

Charlie Sheen may have laughed when Mike Tyson referred to ex-wife Denise Richard as the C-word at the taping of his Comedy Central roast; however, Denise doesn’t find it so funny.

“At this point you would think she would be used to him and his friends saying horrible things about her but it still hurts,” an inside source tells me. “She is the mother to his children, two beautiful daughters. She has gone out of her way to never trash talk Charlie and this is the thanks she gets? It’s crazy. He had the power to make sure the mother of his children was off limits and he chose not to protect his daughters.”

Mike Tyson and a handful of colorful characters assembled Saturday night in L.A. to tape a roast of Sheen that will air September 19th, the same night Ashton debuts in "Two and A Half Men." And although Denise was invited to the taping, she respectfully declined.

“She is ready to move on with her life. Get back to acting and wishes he would move on too,” an insider tells me. “Charlie is mistaking attention for love. He loves being the center of attention even if people are making fun out of him. He believes all press is good press. Why else would he have agreed to be roasted in the first place? He doesn’t need the money. The best punishment is to ignore him which is exactly what Denise intends to do.”

Unfortunately, Sheen is one tough warlock to keep out of the headlines.