09/12/2011 09:52 am ET Updated Nov 12, 2011

Kate Gosselin's Kids React To Cancelled 'Kate Plus 8'

Now that "Kate plus 8" is officially coming to an end, single mom Kate Gosselin had to sit her children down to tell them the camera crews they have grown to love are packing up and not coming back.

“I sat them down and we had a little family meeting and I said our show was coming to an end. And they were upset,” Gosselin tells me, adding that they asked if they were going to be able to stay in their house and at their school. “They were pretty quiet. Them sitting there quietly is quite a thing to see and they were sad.”

Gosselin, who last week admitted she was "freaking out" over the end of her show and the money it brought into her family, is now moving on and actually looking forward to what will happen next.

“I’ve got moments where I’m excited to look ahead to the future,” Gosselin tells me. “When something comes to an end it's always a surprise ... We started in August in 2005. I just feel like gosh it’s been a long road. I don’t know if I think in terms of highlights and lowlights. The trips have definitely been [a] highlight. We have gone to Hawaii. We’ve gone to Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, many of the states. We’ve really wrapped up a lot of great memories there. And overall it's good memories.”

Although Kate didn’t know it when she was filming the episode, her series finale airs tonight at 9:00 PM on TLC.