09/12/2011 08:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Michael Kors Dishes On His Wedding With Heidi Klum (VIDEO)

It may be Fashion Week, but even the stress of an impending show on Wednesday didn't stop Michael Kors from gushing about his wedding to Lance Le Perre almost four weeks ago. When his pal Heidi Klum caught up with him and Nina Garcia at the "Project Runway" fashion show on Friday, she asked him if he wore "something old, something borrowed, and something new and something blue" he replied "I did!!!!" and listed everything that met the marital criteria. "I'm a traditionalist, Heidi!"

Of his show, the always cheery Kors said "the theme is 'getting out of dodge'...when the weather gets warm, my fantasy is I want to get out of the city." Heidi asked "Everything is finished and done?" Kors responded "God, no. Are you kidding? Michael Kors is not that different than 'Project Runway.' The only difference is I'm not selling all these pieces myself."

Of his passion for flats--which we whole-heartedly support--Kors said "Nina and I are in agreement, the angry shoe is over. High heels are never going to go away...but I don't want to see girls clutching a handrail like they're skiing."

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