09/12/2011 01:09 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2011

U.S. Marines Hot Sauce Makes One 'Stand At Attention'

Among other goods such as cologne and bird feeders, the U.S. Marines have an official hot sauce, aptly titled Marines Hot Sauce. It is "made from a special recipe that gives full-bodied flavor" and will "make you stand at attention."

The heat comes from santaka chili, habaneros and pure capsaicin. Marines Hot Sauce is thus not to be confused with Semper Fi Habenero Hot Sauce, which is a non-official military hot sauce that only offers one form of heat through habanero peppers.

In the Washington Post, Katherine Frey explains that the military understands it is a strong consumer brand; military-themed products are expected to sell for about $50 million this year. Since 2004, the military has been allowed to keep the revenue (through licenses and trademarks) it generates on consumer goods.

Perhaps we can expect a full range of condiments in the future?