09/14/2011 02:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'King Pimp' Jason Itzler Alleges Billy Ray Cyrus Conspiracy Theory In Court

If a celebrity had a sex scandal involving a prostitute it is not uncommon to hear the name Jason Itzler mentioned a few times.

You might remember Itzler, who has the words "King Pimp" tattooed on his arm, from a memorable interview with Anderson Cooper where he claimed that Ashley Dupre, the escort who brought down then-Governor Eliot Spitzer, used to work for him. Itzler also managed to get involved in Tiger Wood's scandal again claiming that Wood had slept with women that he employed as prostitutes.

On Tuesday, 44-year-old Itzler appeared before the State Supreme Court in Manhattan, facing charges of promoting prostitution and selling cocaine. He told the Court he had been set up as part of a conspiracy to protect musician and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, who he alleges is "best friends with Mayor Bloomberg," reports The New York Times.

According to the New York Daily News, Itlzer told the court he sent a "companion, a nonsexual companion, a baby sitter, not a prostitute, to Billy Ray Cyrus" at the Trump International hotel on Central Park West.

Itlzer who felt the need to clarify that he was talking about Miley Cyrus's father, explained that Billy Ray had nearly died from taking drugs, so he arranged for the authorities to be called, saving Cyrus's life, and then added that the country singer had a close relationshop with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The Times reports that Eugene Hurley, an assistant district attorney, in response told the court, "Billy Ray Cyrus has nothing to do with this."