09/14/2011 08:42 pm ET Updated Nov 14, 2011

Obama's California Approval Rating Down

It looks like President Obama's down and out in California, the most populous state in the nation.

For the first time since he took office in 2009, less than half of California voters (46 percent) support Obama's overall performance as President, according to a Field Poll released Wednesday.

His job approval rating in California is down eight points, from 54 percent in June.

44% of Californian voters are also not inclined to re-elect Obama in 2012, up from 40 percent in June.

Obama's ability to handle the nation's economy seems to be the source of California's discontentment. 54 percent of voters disapprove of "his stewardship," with only 40 percent approving.

The war in Afghanistan is one area where California voters are satisfied with Obama, but the approval rating has declined from 53 percent from September 2010 to 49 percent now.

“What’s interesting is that most of the slippage over the past three months has come from members of his own party as well as nonpartisans,” Mark DiCamillo, Field Poll director asserted on KNX 1070. “It’s not just the Republicans,” he added.

One thing Californians are still keen on is the President himself. More than half view Obama in a "generally favorable light."