09/15/2011 08:58 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2011

San Francisco Mayoral Endorsements Roundup (PHOTOS)

Political endorsements are crucial in any electoral contest, but in the current San Francisco mayoral race, they're taking on an extra level of importance.

In a contest featuring a long list of qualified candidates (most of whom are packed into a relatively small patch of the ideological spectrum), any assistance the average voter can get differentiating between the dozen or so people who are not Ed Lee is welcome.

When a significant number of San Franciscans still think Gavin Newsom is mayor, figuring out where Jeff Adachi ends and Tony Hall begins suddenly seems like a very tall order. This confusion is why sometimes people need a little help figuring out whom to vote for.

In a nod to the city's method of ranked-choice voting, a number of the organizations picked someone for first, second and third place.

Here is a brief rundown of who's received some recent high-profile endorsements:


Note: In addition to his other endorsements, Avalos also has the full support of this men's room.