09/17/2011 09:48 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Cologne's Love Locks Rival Those In Venice (PHOTOS)

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Venice is one of the most romantic cities on Earth. And nothing says never-ending love like the famous locks that adorn the Ponte del Accademia and the Rialto bridges. Recently, however, the locks are facing a crackdown since the rust from the locks are starting to damage the bridge's stone.

Never fear, Cologne is here! The German city's Hohenzollernbruecke bridge crosses the Rhine River and is now home to hundreds of similar love locks, a trend that overtook the city in 2008.

The bridge has a storied history of its owned: It was ruined in World War II but was quickly rebuilt as a pedestrian bridge.

While Cologne isn't exactly the first place tourists think of when they think of romance, if you find yourself in this 2,000-year old city stop and have a peak.