09/18/2011 08:30 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2011

Emmys 2011: 'Modern Family' On Fire

They may be a dysfunctional family, but it makes for quite compelling television. Just ask the experts.

"Modern Family," the critical darling of an ABC comedy, went on an early epic run at the 2011 Emmys, netting Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress wins for Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen. It then took in Best Direction and Best Writing, going four-for-four in the categories in which it was nominated.

Though it sidestepped Best Leading Actor and Actress -- as an ensemble, it had no true leads to nominate -- it then won the Outstanding Comedy Series award, cementing its absolute dominance.

Bowen and Burell stopped by the press room after their back-to-back wins to talk about what just happened.

"Everyone's been incredibly supportive of each other," Burrell said (via PopSugar), later adding he wasn't too nervous about the nomination. "I have the benefit of having a fake wife and a real wife. I get my nerves soothed by both of them. We basically get together and lean on each other and figure it out."

Bowen, however, didn't think she had a shot at winning.

"I kind of thought it was a lock on Betty White, she said. "I think if I didn't have a dog in this fight -- and I had two [herself and Sofia Vergara] -- I would have voted for Betty White. Claire is not necessarily fall-down funny all the time."

Congrats to the entire "Modern Family" cast on their Emmys!