Yoga And The NBA: Harlem Group Brings The Experience To Young Athletes

While fans wait out the now two-month-long NBA lockout, a group of aspiring NBA players are focused on how they can get into the game one day. The high schoolers channeled their inner LeBron last week not to practice ball passing or jumpshots, but yoga.

The session, a collaboration between Hoops By The River and the A.T.R. Project (Assisting The Rise), community-based youth development programs in Harlem, also served as one of the many events celebrating National Yoga Awareness month this September.

The link between yoga and the NBA has been getting more play as teams like the Denver Nuggets and Atlanta Hawks bring on yoga instructors to train players during the off-season. The Miami Herald reported on LeBron James' "big secret" earlier this year, crediting yoga for the superstar's stamina.

Like the professional level training conducted by yogis such as Kent Katich, this session highlighted movements designed for basketball players, including stretching and loosening muscles, downward-facing dogs, half-moons and warrior poses.

: LeBron James does yoga with a group of young kids.
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