09/20/2011 04:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Best NetflixGlobalPR Tweets So Far (SLIDESHOW)

After raising membership prices earlier this year and being met with some resistance, Netflix announced this week that it will be separating its streaming video and DVD businesses into two distinct companies, with the streaming content keeping the Netflix moniker and the DVD component now going by the name Qwikster. While a few reactions to the change have been favorable, the resounding feedback on the Internet thus far has been less than enthusiastic.

Now customers with plans that include both streaming and DVD are going to be met with a more complicated user experience, and CEO Reed Hastings released an apology video in anticipation of their complaints.

The best part of this whole media melee, though, has been the fake Netflix PR Twitter account that has cropped up overnight -- @NetflixGlobalPR. Much in the spirit of @BPGlobalPR, @NetflixGlobalPR is here to keep us up to date with the latest Netflix news, but with a heavy dose of snark and irony. It's beautiful.

We've rounded up our favorite fake PR tweets from the account so far. Take a look!

The Best NetflixGlobalPR Tweets So Far
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