09/21/2011 09:04 am ET Updated Nov 20, 2011

Wacky Runway Face-Off: Kinder Aggugini vs. Meadham Kirchhoff (PHOTOS)

Things got pretty nutty on the runways as it seems that the craziest shows were saved for last on the final day of London Fashion Week (for womenswear, at least -- menswear will walk today).

Both Meadham Kirchoff and Kinder Aggugini displayed equally wacky runway shows with comparable eccentric looks.

The Meadham Kirchoff Spring 2012 collection flaunted models in clown makeup, knee high socks, babydoll dresses, and dyed hair styles that could pass for cotton candy. Doll-looking models strutted down a balloon and streamer-decorated runway in chunky pom-pom embellished platform shoes and sweaters with peekaboo cutouts revealing crystal bras. The wacky and entertaining show managed to bring a smile to Anna Wintour's face.

Meanwhile over at the Kinder Aggugini show, things got kooky with models balancing books on their head and dress straps (purposefully) detached (just a warning: things got a bit NSFW). Bright pops of color mixed with beige, army green, black and white, making for a delightfully charming (yet totally loony) show.

We still can't decide who's show was nuttier overall... check out the pictures and tell us: did Kinder Aggunini or Meadham Kirchoff take the cake for craziest London runway?

Meadham Kirchhoff Vs. Kinder Aggugini