09/21/2011 10:14 am ET Updated Nov 21, 2011

Leaked Photo Of Miley Cyrus Posing In Lingerie Sets Internet On Fire

Miley Cyrus has sparked off a frenzy of internet searches thanks to a new photo of the former "Hannah Montana" star sprawled luxuriously on a bed clad in little more than lingerie and red heels atop silken sheets. The photo, which can be viewed here, shows the 18-year-old posing while checking her phone, making it unclear whether it was taken candidly or professionally for publication.

While its exact origins are unknown -- the pic initially ran on Hollywoodtuna.com Monday -- the situation reeks of familiarity: Cyrus previously set the media world on fire in 2008, when a portrait taken by Annie Liebovitz showing the then-15-year-old suggestively bare-backed was published in Vanity Fair to great controversy.