09/23/2011 01:57 pm ET Updated Nov 23, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu And Bloomberg Visit 9/11 Memorial

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined Mayor Bloomberg on Thursday evening to visit the September 11th Memorial in Downtown Manhattan. The unannounced visit lasted approximately 45 minutes and the two leaders were accompanied by Netanyahu's wife, Sara.

Bloomberg said the prime minister called the memorial "unbelievable" and that Netanyahu chose to go in the evening, because that is when the memorial is most poignant. Bloomberg told The Post:

It's particularly moving at night, the way the names are done. They're carved right through the steel. The light shines up right through the names. The panels are heated for winter so you won't get stuck to them and cooled in the summer so you won't burn yourself when you touch them.

Netanyahu is in town for the UN General Assembly. He is scheduled to speak before the assembly on Friday and is expected to speak on his opposition to a Palestinian bid for statehood.