09/23/2011 08:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rachel Maddow Loves Walkouts, Does Not Love Koch Brothers (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow managed to successfully link the president of Iran with rising corporate profits on her Thursday show.

Maddow began the show by celebrating the drama of the increasingly iron-clad rule that all Western delegations must walk out on Mahmoud Ahmedinejad when he speaks at the United Nations. She analyzed what appeared to be the complex traditions of the walkout.

"Everybody sort of pensively packs up their briefcases and then they try to plan their means of walking out of the room so that it is as ostentatious as possible," she said. "Never walk away from the podium, for example, when you can walk towards it."

Maddow then noted an interesting fact: that some of the richest people in America were worth more than the GDP of many, many of the nations who have gathered at the UN this week. She centered on the Koch brothers, the Tea Party backers whose name has become a curse word in some circles. Together, the brothers are worth $50 billion -- enough, Maddow noted, to purchase the island of Samoa 88 times, or to buy a very long list of other countries.

However, while the Kochs have only gotten richer, they have simultaneously laid off 13,000 workers in the last four years.

"I thought rich people were the job creators," Maddow mused. "And yet the more money they seem to make, the fewer people they seem to employ."


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