09/23/2011 07:51 pm ET Updated Nov 23, 2011

The Forbes 400 Richest People In America: Many Bay Area Locals Make The 2011 List

On the cusp of the 2008 financial collapse, San Francisco magazine dared to pose the question, "Recession? What recession?" Their front page story during July of that year chronicled the lives of the city's wealthy elite, from the lavish benefits thrown by Stanlee Gatti to their best tips for chartering a private jet.

But even planes and parties pale in comparison to the Bay Area billionaires who continuously nab spots on the annual Forbes 400 Richest People in America list, and this year's rankings were no exception. Though Seattle's Bill Gates (obviously) took the top honor once again, our local powerhouses held their own. Oracle's Larry Ellison made the top ten, and of course, tech wunderkinds Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page were right behind him.

In total, 34 of our neighbors graced the glossy. Take a look at the top ten richest (along with their staggering net worths) below. And then, you know, go invent that brilliant computer thing you always wanted to invent.