09/26/2011 06:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Amos Wayne Richards: '127 Hours' Hike Leads To Broken Leg, Four Days In Desert

Many moviegoers were able to take inspiration out of "127 Hours," the semi-tragic and true adventure tale for which star James Franco was nominated for an Oscar. The story of Aron Ralston, a man who goes off on a dangerous solo hike of Utah's Little Blue John Canyon and ends up having to cut his arm off to survive, provided a plethora of positive messages: be safe while hiking, allow loved ones into your life, and take advantage of second chances.

One man, however, may have taken the film's imperatives a bit too literally.

Amos Wayne Richards, a 64-year North Carolina man, saw the film and decided to reenact Ralston's trip. Dangerous fall and all. Richards fell ten feet, breaking his leg and dislocating his shoulder, though he soon worked that into place. Fueled by two protein bars and caught rainwater, he dragged himself back along his own trail for four whole days.

"I was actually following my GPS, crawling right on top of my feet print that I had hiked in on," Richards told WBTV in Charlotte (via KSL's AP Wire).

Park Rangers, searching once they found his campsite, eventually spotted his car and knew where to track him down. After being hospitalized in Utah, he is now recovering at home in North Carolina.

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