09/26/2011 11:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Water Balloon To The Face: Slow Motion Video Shows Water Balloon NOT Exploding (VIDEO)

You probably know what it feels like to get hit with a water balloon (hopefully not in the face).

But have you ever wondered what it looks like?

Well, the folks at Smarter Every Day have made a video showing just that. They used a Vision Research Phantom V Series camera to record the balloon at 800 framers per second, and the results are spectacular.

And, in case you're wondering -- the resonant frequency of the nose of the poor guy getting hit is 33 Hz.

There's something about slow-motion video that seems to leave us mesmerized. Earlier this year, the Fluke Corporation, a Washington-based company that specializes in making tools to detect vibration, used a Phantom camera to record everyday objects in slow motion, and the promotional video went viral.

And last month, a video of an owl landing in slow motion -- also shot at a very high shutter speed -- kept us glued to our computer screens.

But back to balloons: If you're bummed that it didn't burst, you needn't worry -- here's what an exploding water balloon looks like -- in slow motion.

WATCH: Water Balloon To The Face Doesn't Pop: