09/27/2011 04:42 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2011

Browns Fan Celebrates Mohamed Massaquoi's Touchdown On Field With Players (VIDEO)

The Browns were trailing the Dolphins, 16-10, with just 48 seconds remaining on the clock when Cleveland quarterback Colt McCoy completed an incredible pass to Mohamed Massaquoi for a stunning score. The wide receiver made a leaping, reaching grab and then managed to keep both feet in bounds as he came down. The late touchdown stikes caused such an eruption of exuberance at the aptly-named Cleveland Browns Stadium that even the police officers on the field were celebrating.

That's possibly how a particularly joyous spectator was able to run onto the field and actually celebrate the TD with Massaquoi and a few other players. Just as the fan approached the former Georgia Bulldog, the CBS cameras quickly turned away.

While the impulse to celebrate with one's favorite team is understandable -- although typically sublimated into high-fiving the guy in the next seat. It's much harder to fathom how stadium security let this happen.

Of course, it's probably not as glaring an oversight as allowing a fan to sneak a weapon into a game, which is what happened during a Week 1 matchup between the Jets and Cowboys at MetLife Stadium when a Cowboys fan somehow brought a stun gun into the game and actually used it on a Jets fan.