09/27/2011 09:32 am ET Updated Nov 27, 2011

Princess Anne, J. K. Rowling Share A Hogwarts Moment At The University Of Edinburgh (PHOTOS)

The British royals take on all sorts of unexpected duties (like when we learned that Prince William is also president of the BAFTA). Princess Anne, it turns out, is now chancellor of Scotland's University of Edinburgh.

The British royal (whose mum is Queen Elizabeth II) was installed yesterday as the new chancellor of the university, donning a black and gold robe that reminded us of the sort of thing they wear on "Harry Potter."

Then again, we had Potter on the mind because Princess Anne, as one of her first duties as chancellor, then presented J. K. Rowling with a benefactor's award for her philanthropic work -- specifically an approximately $15.5 million donation made by the "Potter" author to establish a multiple sclerosis research clinic.

J. K. Rowling, alas, did not get a special black and gold robe but had to wear red and blue with the rest of the honorees.

We suppose in the UK she's practically royalty... but there's nothing like the real thing.

(Also, we could potentially make lots of clever "Harry Potter" puns here, but this author has shamefully never read nor seen the movies past the fourth book.)

Check out pictures of Princess Anne's chancellor get-up below.

Princess Anne and JK Rowling
Princess Anne and JK Rowling