09/28/2011 09:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sly Stone Admits To Cocaine Use, Wants To Check Into Rehab

The latest development in sad Sly Stone news shows the soul icon looking weakened, lying in his camper and discussing his drug addiction in an interview with Splash. The New York Post broke the news last weekend that Stone, who once lived in a mansion, is now homeless and parked in a camper in Los Angeles. Stone's camper-van lifestyle was first alluded to in a 2010 documentary on the legend, "Coming Back for More."

"Are you clean?" Splash's reporter asks.

"I'll tell you what, not like that kind of clean, but I sleep at nights, and the rest of the time I do my music," a hoarse Stone responded. He goes on to reveal his cocaine addiction, noting that he did the drug as recently as a "week and a half ago."

In April of this year, Stone was arrested for cocaine possession, a charge he pleaded not guilty to. It's not clear when Stone's drug addiction began this time around (he was also convicted in 1987 on cocaine possession charges), but he does express a desire to get better in the interview.

"I'll tell you what -- I got a rehab [inaudible] chosen," Stone says. He plans on parking his van outside the rehab and setting up a studio inside the van, so he can get clean and create music at the same time. He may still drink beer, though.

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