09/30/2011 08:04 am ET Updated Nov 30, 2011

Jack Osbourne Engaged To Lisa Stelly

Son of the bat head-eating, slurred word-speaking rocker, Jack Osbourne, is engaged. The spawn of Ozzy Osbourne proposed to Lisa Stelly, an aspiring actress, according to Us Weekly.

Although Jack's sister, Kelly, has been the focus of headlines much more than her older brother as of late, we can only imagine that's a good thing. Jack became addicted to OxyContin at an early age, which only escalated after his mother, Sharon Osbourne, was diagnosed with cancer. As a rebellious teen, Jack was a UK tabloid's dream until he ultimately got clean after spending time in a Malibu rehab.

But most recently, Osbourne kept his head down to produce a documentary, "God Bless Ozzy Osbourne" about dear old dad -- a project which won him rave reviews.

We can't wait to feast our eyes on another British royal wedding -- rock royalty, of course.