Dive Into Jill Greenberg's 'Glass Ceiling' Photography (PHOTOS)

Jill Greenberg's new show, entitled 'Glass Ceiling', features professional synchronized swimmers in stilettos, their heads bursting out of swimming pools to get air. A billboard on Sunset Blvd. will display one of Greenberg's photographs, 'Glass Ceiling: American Girl Doll.'

There is something mythical about Greenberg's models, who float in gravity-forgetting poses through ripples of metallic color. There is an erotic voyeurism to the swimmers, stripped down to genitalia and heels, even without faces which might allow them to look back at their viewers. Then there is the hint of violence, or perhaps lifelessness, in the figures as they drift to the water's surface.

The viewer is confronted with the multiple inflections of the female body as seen through the camera lens. But the photos simultaneously emit a light and playful Los Angeles glamour that tempts the viewer to stop thinking and hop in the pool. Through challenging and contorting photography's effect on the female form, Greenberg creates images like the pools she photographs: sometimes deep, sometimes shallow, depending on where you stand.

'Glass Ceiling' is featured on LAXART Billboard until October 9th, 2011.
The billboard is on Sunset Blvd. at Fairfax, North West corner, viewable while driving East

Jill Greenberg