10/05/2011 12:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jimmy Fallon's Food Streak Continues As He Talks To Bobby Flay, Ice Cream Moguls Ben & Jerry (VIDEO)

Which each passing day, Jimmy Fallon becomes more and more of a food aficionado. The Daily Meal called him "Late Night's Culinary King" way back in March. And if anything, he's only upped his foodie cred since then; he seems to have a chef give a cooking demo on his show every third day. He even had the gumption to call Giada de Laurentiis out on her pretentious pronunciation of quotidien Italian ingredients like spaghetti.

Last night was something of a high-water mark for Fallon's culinariness; he invited Bobby Flay and Ben & Jerry all to talk. Even for him, having three food guests in one episode is unusual -- it puts him dangerously close to the territory of The Chew. But as long as his banter remains far more charming than that of Clinton Kelly, we won't complain.

Flay's appearance on the Late Night show coincides with the release of his new Bar Americain Cookbook, which Fallon insists on calling the "Bar Ameri-CANE Cookbook." Fallon, in his typical madcap style, feigns drunkenness and makes fun of a picture of a lamp in the cookbook, while Flay gamely focuses on the food in front of him.


Ben and Jerry make their second appearance on the Late Night Show in six months, and again focus largely on Fallon's own flavor of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. The Vermonters admit that Fallon's is out-selling Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream and explain the concept of fair trade.