10/05/2011 01:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 10 Most Influential Colleges: Klout List

Colleges can be bastions of innovation -- or foxholes of stagnation. The Twitter influence measurement site Klout analyzes which colleges are on the social media vanguard by examining their microblogging skills.

From Klout itself:

In all seriousness, Twitter influence is a revealing metric for colleges.The most influential ones must be both tech-savvy enough to have a well managed Twitter account and have the most influential professors, alums, and others engaging with them.

Texas A&M University -- the alma mater of a certain presidential hopeful -- took the No. 1 spot this year. Stanford, which claimed No. 1 last year, dropped to No. 4 in this year's ranking. See the full list here.

Did your college make the list? Should it have? Weigh in below.

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