10/06/2011 06:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2011

LIVE: Nobel Prize For Literature 2011 Announcement

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10/06/2011 7:33 AM EDT

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We're off to do a write up on how to say Tranströmer. Same time next year? Who knows, 2012 may just be Bob Dylan's big year...

10/06/2011 7:27 AM EDT

Ladbrokes wins after all

British betting company Ladbrokes, who had made Tranströmer a late favorite, says in a tweet that Dylan was "the main liability, followed by Murakami and Roth."

In other words, this was a good result for them. Big payouts would only have happened if Bob Dylan had won. Which he didn't. Wonder what he's singing now?

10/06/2011 7:24 AM EDT

Learn it!

If you use an Apple computer, it's alt-U, O. If you use a PC: ALT-0252 on your numeric keypad.


Our associate editor, Zoë, has been trying to teach umlauts to everyone around her for years. Perhaps this is her moment.

10/06/2011 7:21 AM EDT

National Poetry Day in the UK

Apparently today is the annual National Poetry Day in the UK. What did they know?

10/06/2011 7:20 AM EDT

Betting misery for Ladbrokes?

"It's just been so long since a poet of [Tranströmer's] calibre has been recognised that we think the wheel has turned," said a Ladbrokes spokesman recently. Not sure they'll be so excited that enough people listened to make him the favorite.

That said, betting companies also like it when the favorite wins occasionally. That encourages people to keep betting. The house always wins, ladies and gentlemen.

10/06/2011 7:17 AM EDT

Poetry winners

The last poet to win was Wislawa Szymborska in 1996, so perhaps it's overdue. The previous year was Ted Hughes, of course.

10/06/2011 7:11 AM EDT

Silent speech?

He had a stroke a few years ago apparently, and can't speak. That might make things tricky for his speech. However, there are precedents for not delivering the speech, but only publishing it. Doris Lessing did so in 2007, as she was too ill to travel.

10/06/2011 7:09 AM EDT

Read some Tranströmer

Here's a few poems by the new winner.

10/06/2011 7:07 AM EDT

According to a member of the Swedish Academy...

"You could fit all of [his work] into a not-too-large pocket book."

10/06/2011 7:06 AM EDT

Here is the newest most famous poet

Here's the man himself: