10/07/2011 07:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'J. Edgar' Poster: Leonardo DiCaprio Is Angry (PHOTO)

J. Edgar Hoover is not happy. And J. Edgar Hoover isn't happy... people get wiretapped and have secret FBI files written about them!

Seriously, it wasn't good to get on the former FBI director's bad side.

Leonardo DiCaprio takes on all the rage and age of Hoover in Clint Eastwood's succinctly titled biopic, "J. Edgar," bringing to the screen all the bombast, secrecy and (maybe) passion of the man who redefined modern crime fighting, for better or worse. The film is being touted as the picture that could finally deliver DiCaprio Oscar glory, giving him the trophy after three unsuccessful tries.

It recently came out that the film was ruffling a few feathers over at the agency that Hoover founded; it recently was revealed that both the FBI and the museum dedicated to remembering the top cop worked to persuade Eastwood from depicting the rumored homosexual relationship between Hoover and his top assistant, Clyde Tolson (who will be played by Armie Hammer). There is no official evidence to support the claims of their secret love, the filmmakers were told, and in response, Eastwood gave a very diplomatic statement.

"Please rest assured that we do not give any credence to cross-dressing allegations made by Susan Rosenstiel, nor do we intend to portray an open homosexual relationship between Mr. Hoover and Clyde Tolson," Eastwood and producer Robert Lorenz said in a statement. "Though no one can know his private side with certainty, we hope that a thoughtful, intelligent portrayal of the man will put his life story in proper historical context."

The first trailer for the film came out just a few weeks ago; check that out above, and the new, raging poster below.