10/10/2011 12:44 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2011

WATCH: Hugo Chavez Dances To Rodbexa Poleo Vidoza's Rap On Venezuelan Television

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Still recovering from cancer treatments, Chavez appeared on Venezuelan television over the weekend, dancing to the lyrical arrangements of Rodbexa Poleo Vidoza. Vidoza is described as an "urban music singer" at the bottom of the screen, but she sounds like a rapper to us.

Vidoza rapped about Venezuela's greatness while Chavez made a wide array of supporting gestures at her side. Gearing up for his October 7th election, almost exactly a year away, Chavez showed that he was in good health and good spirits. His most original moves were probably the arm-wind-up-with-pointed-finger, the alternated-fist-pumps-between-left-and-right-arms, or the repeated-forehead-pat when Vidoza says the word 'ideology' in Spanish.

Chavez also demonstrated great enthusiasm for a break-dancing youth by cheering him on with equally inventive motioning (starts at about 1:00).

With any luck, these moves will see their way to the floors of Venezuelan night clubs in no time.