10/11/2011 01:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Elmo's Anti-Bullying PSA Defends Redheads... Except For Conan O'Brien (VIDEO)

Bullying has never been okay, but recently, a resurgence of anti-bullying sentiment has made its way onto our televisions and Internets. Always on the forefront of making sure kids are playing nicely, one of the most beloved "Sesame Street" characters made a special appearance on "Conan" on Monday to tell kids never to pick on anyone, especially redheads, because they're so cool.

But Elmo didn't expect the kids to respond so angrily to one particular redhead. Check out the clip, if you can stand the horror.

(As much as we love any Muppet on Conan's show, we still prefer Vomiting Kermit.)